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Album Review - Bos Taurus by Fantasy Rainbow


Fantasy Rainbow’s debut album, ‘Bos Taurus’, is one of the latest releases to be pulled from across the pond. The album is an impeccable example of indie-pop: the rhythm guitarist supports the lead guitarist’s choppy riffs with warm, clean chords; the percussion is very tidy and simple; the bass is steady; and the vocals are very coherent. This album represents the sort of music that you’ll be able to listen to regardless of what mood you are in.

The first track ‘Soda Scream’ shows some of the very basics of guitar work: the rhythm guitar keeps the beat with a nice clean sound on the lower strings as the lead uses quick and easy slides to create a pleasant listening experience. The drumming keeps the song relatively fast throughout and keeps a reasonably similar pattern across the chorus as in the verses.

Fantasy Rainbow’s soon to be single ‘Condominium’ features much of the same sort of orthodox guitar work: the rhythm guitarist plays the individual notes out of the chords for most part of the song – a simple and an effective guitar technique. The song features a nice build-up around the middle mark. After the guitarist continues to pluck chords, the bassist and drummer join in with an excitement-builder to release the guitar solo. There is no real obvious pattern with the drumming in this song as the drummer just occasionally chips in with a hit of the snare or the cymbals until the guitar solo kicks in which featuress the first use of distortion on the album, although the distortion is rather faint. Unfortunately, the rest of the songs up until Bread Biscuit are hardly a worthy point of discussion, as they are all very alike.

Fantasy Rainbow’s sound is all too familiar, as there have already been many other bands who have adopted this very same style and sound, such as Band of Horses, Local Natives, Sticky Fingers and The Cairos. The sound is almost indistinguishable from any other indie artist. The album does not immediately make you think: “That’s Fantasy Rainbow!” You would have to think about it, unless of course you are a die-hard fan.

'Bread Biscuit', however, is a slightly different story. It features a very slow build-up from quiet and sad, to harsh and passionate. 'Bread Biscuit' really has meaning behind it, and that is a sure way to reach success as an artist.

'Ez Coast' is also a bit more encouraging, as it does show a more unique style to Fantasy Rainbow. In this track, the guitarist has decided to make use of a tremolo arm (or pedal) and the overall feel of this song is. 'O Weirdo' and 'Or Comfort' return to the old ways of the earlier stages of the album.

'Golf Word' is the penultimate track and is another song that demonstrates a slightly more distinctive sound than the rest of the album. This song displays many characteristics of jazz, which include the swinging drum line, choppy bass and a nice sense of panache.

Fantasy Rainbow shows nothing special or different from what we are used to with the debut album. However, the comprehensible vocals and the tidy guitar, bass and percussion show no reason why Fantasy Rainbow should not be widely liked and appreciated by the indie community.


Written by Gabriel Polychronis

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